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Richard Marx - Endless Summer Nights
Lento de 1988
Álbum: Richard Marx

La cancion "Endless Summer Nights" fue escrita por Richard Marx y alcanzo el puesto Nº2 en el Billboard Hot 100 de los Estados Unidos en 1988.

Richard Marx - Endless Summer Nights

Richard Noel Marx, conocido por Richard Marx es un estadounidense originario de la ciudad de Chicago, Illinois.. Nació en el año 1963.
Comienza su actividad en el año 1982 y su genero de música es pop, rock, rock melódico.
Es músico, cantante, compositor y productor.
Su primer álbum se lanzo a fines del año 1987, ayudado por Lionel Richie, que fue el que le dio su primera oportunidad.

Letra / Lyrics

Summer came and left without a warning
All at once I looked and you were gone
And now you're looking back at me
Searching for a way that we can be like we were before

Now I'm back to what I knew before you
Somehow the city doesn't look the same
I'd give my life for one more night
Of having you here to hold me tight, oh, please
Take me there again

And I remember how you loved me
Time was all we had until the day we said goodbye
I remember every moment of those endless summer nights

I still recall the walks along the beaches
And the way your hair would glisten in the sun
Rising in the afternoon
Making love to you under the moon

Do you remember all the nights we spent in silence
Every single breath you took was mine
We can have it all again
Say that you'll be with me when the sun brings your heart to mine

There's only so much I can say
So please don't run away from what we have together
It's only you and me tonight
So let's stay lost in flight
Oh, won't you please surrender


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